P206: LED Lighting in Bio-Agriculture-SSLCHINA

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Light is one of the most important factors in agricultural production, which plays a pivotal role in regulating growth and development of animal and plant as well as microorganism, and plays irreplaceable role in achieving high yield, high quality and high efficiency. Particularly in modern agricultural production systems, artificial light has been widely applied in new fields such as protected horticulture, intensive livestock & poultry culture, aquaculture and marine fishing, propagation of edible fungi and microalgae, and plant protection by trapping insects etc. Currently, the fundamental & application research of LED in bio-agriculture is very active, and some progress have been achieved in mechanisms of animal and plant responding to light quality, “light recipes” research, and LED light source creation in bio-agriculture and its application demonstration in modern agriculture etc. However, some fundamental theories and industry developmental orientations are needed to be further explored, such as establishing data base of light recipes for bio-agriculture, developing LED lighting facilities with high efficiency for bio-agriculture, jointing LED industry and modern agriculture industrial chain effectively, et al. Bio-agriculture session of SSLCHINA will assemble domestic and foreign experts to focus on the current hot points and leading questions of LED applied in agriculture, discuss the latest progress and development in mechanisms of animal and plant responding to light quality and “light recipes”, and explore new concepts, new technologies, and new achievements in LED combing with modern agriculture such as plant factory, seedling nursery, supplementary lighting in greenhouses, intensive livestock & poultry culture, propagation of edible fungi and microalgae, and plant protection by trapping insets. This session will provide a platform to explore these questions, catch the industry pulse and point out the orientation for the application of LED lighting in modern agriculture.

Session Chairs

YANG Qichang——Professor & Director at Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Aguriculture, CAAS

LIU Ying——Dean and Professor of School of Marine Science and Environment Engineering, Dalian Ocean University; Chair of Aquacultural Engineering Society

Session Members

       PAN Jinming——Professor of Zhejiang University, President of Hangzhou Langtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

HE Dongxian——Professor of China University of Agriculture

XU Hong——General Manager of LumiGrow, Inc.

LIU Houcheng——Professor of South China Agricultural University

SONG Changbin——Senior Engineer of Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences

P206:生物农业光照技术/ LED Lighting in Bio-Agriculture

时间:20201125日上午 09:00-12:00

地点:深圳会展中心 • 五层玫瑰厅1

Time: Nov 25th, 2020 Morning 09:00-12:00

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center• 5th Floor Rose Hall1



杨其长/YANG Qichang

中国农业科学院都市农业研究所副所长,研究员 /Professor and Deputy Director for Institute of Urban Agriculture, CAAS

刘鹰/LIU Ying   

大连海洋大学海洋科技与环境学院院长、教授/Professor& DeanofSchool of Marine Science and Environment Engineering of Dalian Ocean University



The influence of light environment in plant factory on the yield and nutritional quality of green leafy vegetables


Genhua NIU-- Professor of Texas A&M University



Effects of Far-red Light on vegetable growth and Nutritional Properties


LIUHoucheng--Professorof South China Agricultural University


光照强度和LED光质对水培贯叶金丝桃生长和药用成分积累的影响Effects of Light Intensity and LED Quality on Growth and Medicinal Components Accumulation of Hydroponic Hypericum perforatum L.


HE Dongxian --Professor of China University of Agriculture


Increasing starch productivity of Spirodela polyrhiza by precisely control the

spectral composition and nutrients status


XU Yaliang--Assistant Professor of Institute of Urban Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


茶歇 /Coffee Break


LED技术在水产养殖中的发展前景Development prospect of LED technology in aquaculture


LIU Ying--Professor & Dean of School of Marine Science and Environment Engineering of Dalian Ocean University



以猪为本的LED光源的应用研究 Application Research on Pig-based LED light source


TONGYuzhen--AssociateProfessorofSchoolofPhysics, Peking University. Deputy Dean of Dongguan Institute of Optoelectronics, Peking University



LED Environment Control for Incubation of Chicken Fertile Eggs 


PAN Jinming--Professor ofZhejiang University, President of Hangzhou Langtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Incubation lighting impact and application design for commercial hatchery


TONG Qin--Associate Professor ofChina Agricultural University


午休与POSTER交流 /Adjourn&POSTERCommunication