P201: Substrate, Epitaxy and Growth Equipment (GaN & SiC) -SSL&IFWS

SSL&IFWS Series Conference

Time: Nov 26th, 2019 Afternoon 14:00-17:30

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center • 5th Floor Chrysanthemum Hall

Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) are probably the most popular Wide band-gap semiconductor materials whose importance cannot be overestimated in the power devices for high frequency applications and the quality of the material directly determines the performance of the device.  The themes of this section cover the materials for substrate, homo/heteroepitaxial growth, characterization and associated equipment which ultimately lead to the discussion from mechanism to industrial production. World leading scientists have been invited to this conference who will demonstrate their most recent development in specified areas.

Session Chairs

SHEN Bo——Deputy Director and Professor of School of Physics, Peking University

XU Xiangang——Professor of Shandong University

Session Members

XU Ke——Director of Nano-characterization Lab in Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; President of Suzhou Nanowin Co. Ltd.

BI Wengang——Professor at Hebei University of Technology

WANG Zhiyue——CTO of CETC Electronics Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

DU Zhiyou——Senior Vice President of Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc

WU Jun——Vice President & Chief Scientist of NAURA Technology Group Co., Ltd.

YANG Min——CTO of Jiangsu Nata Opto-electronic Material Co., Ltd.

XIU Xiangqian——Professor of Nanjing University

CHEN Xiaolong——Professor at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

P201:衬底、外延及生长装备(SiCGaN/ The Technology in Substrate, Epitaxy and Wafer Growth Equipment (SiC&GaN)


地点:深圳会展中心•五层菊花厅 (PPT显示比例:16:9)

Time: Nov 26th, 2019 Afternoon 14:00-17:30

Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center • 5th Floor Chrysanthemum Hall   PPT scale  16:9



   / SHEN Bo

北京大学物理学院教授, 理学部副主任/Professor & Deputy Director, Division of Sciences, Peking University

徐现刚/XU Xiangang

山东大学教授,晶体材料国家重点实验室副主任/Professor & Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Crystal Material of Shandong University



Synchrotron x-ray diffraction-based visualization of lattice-plane tilting of a GaN substrate and epitaxial film

坂田修身    日本国立材料研究所SPring-8 BL15XU线站站长,东京工业大学兼职教授 

Osami SAKATA    National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)Japan


In situ coherent x-ray studies of surface dynamics during OMVPE of GaN

鞠光旭    美国亚利桑那州立大学助理教授

Guangxu JU    Assistant Research Professor of Arizona State University, USA


Modeling of SiC crystal growth and epitaxy and simulation of GaN Metal Organic Vapor Deposition

Andrey SMIRNOV    俄罗斯STR Group, Inc.资深研发工程师

Andrey SMIRNOV    Senior Research Engineer of STR Group, Inc., Russia


The effect of n-p electrodes upon the p-type conductivity of B0.375GaN/B0.45GaN QW/QB edge emitting laser diode grown over sapphire substrate

Mussaab I. NIASS    郑州大学

Mussaab I. NIASS    Zhengzhou University


INDUSTRY4.0 as A Major Opportunity for Electronics Processes and Products


Guido COLOMBO    President & CEO of ORCHESTRA, Italy


茶歇/Coffee Break


Interrelationship Between Equipment and PVT Crystal Growth in Silicon Carbide

Larry B. ROWLAND   美国Aymont Technology Inc总裁

Larry B. ROWLAND   CEOofAymont Technology Inc., USA


Advanced Chemical Concentration Control for Fabrication of Devices Using SiC

Ismail I. KASHKOUSH    美国NAURA-Akrion, Inc.首席技术官

Ismail I. KASHKOUSH    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NAURA-Akrion, Inc., USA



The step growth mechanism for 4H-SiC with Improved Single Polytypes

林伟    厦门大学副教授

LIN Wei    Associate Professor of Xiamen University, China


Investigation of Defect Levels of Al/Ti 4H-SiC Schottky Structures by

Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy

何亚伟    中科院半导体所

HE Yawei    Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences