The 8th International Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors &

The 19th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting



Call for Papers

The 8th International Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors & The 19th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting (IFWS & SSLCHINA 2022) will be held on November , 2022 at in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. IFWS & SSLCHINA 2022 is a premier forum for technical and industrial discussions in all areas of power semiconductor and solid-state lighting. It aims to promote collaborative innovation of the whole industry chain including materials growth, equipment, devices and applications in the related areas.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore

Date Nov, 2022

Venue:  Suzhou International Expo Center, Jiangsu Province, China


China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance (CASA)

Zhongguancun Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA)



SiC Power Electronic Materials and Devices

SiC Power Electronics Materials and Devices

Chip Fabrication Process and Equipment

Nitride Semiconductor Electronic Materials and Devices

GaN Electronic Materials and Devices

RF Electronic Materials and Devices

Power Electronics Applications

Device package and Reliability of Power Modules

Applications for New Energy Vehicles and Mass Rail Transit

Application for New Power System

Application for Data Center and Consumer electronics

Substrate Materials and Equipment

SiC Substrate Material Growth and Processing

Nitride Substrate Material Growth and Homoepitaxy

Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductors Materials and Devices

Materials Growth, Processing and Measuring Equipment

Solid State Lighting and Photoelectric Fusion Technologies

Materials, Chip, Packaging and Reliability of Full Spectrum LED

Semiconductor Laser Diode

Heterogeneous Integration Technology

Beyond Lighting

Health Lighting & Light Quality

Medical Lighting

Optical Communication and Sensing Technologies

LED Lighting in Bio-Agriculture

Novel Display Materials and Applications

Mini/Micro-LED Materials and Equipment

Laser Display Tri-Primary Color Materials and Devices

Perovskite, Quantum Dots, etc

Solid-State Ultraviolet Materials and Devices

Solid-State Ultraviolet Materials and Device

Ultraviolet Detection Materials and Devices

Technical Program Committee


ZHANG Rong (Xiamen University)


LIU Ming (Institute of Microelectronics, CAS),

GU Ying (PLAGH),

JIANG Fengyi (Nanchang University),

LI Jinmin (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS),

ZHANG Guoyi (Peking University),

SHEN Bo (Peking University),

QIU Yufeng (Xiamen University / State Grid),

SHENG Kuang (Zhejiang University),

ZHANG Bo (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China),

XU Ke (Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, CAS),

Kevin J. CHEN (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology),

Wai Tung NG (University of Toronto),

ZHANG Guoqi (Delft University of Technology)


Conveners (In Alphabetical Order)

AO Jinping (University of Tokushima), BAI Song (Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute), BI Wengang (Jiangsu Institute of Advanced Semiconductors), BI Yong Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, CAS, Bu Weili (SMVIC), CAI Benzhi (Harbin Medical University), CAI Jianqi (China National Institute of Standardization), CAI Shujun (13th Research Institute of CETC), CHANG Tianhai (HUAWEI), CHEN Defu (Beijing Institute of Technology), CHEN Mingxiang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), CHEN Tangsheng (Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute), CHEN Xiaolong (Institute of Physics, CAS), CHEN Xiongbin (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), CHEN Changqing (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), CHI Nan (Fudan University), CUI Jinjiang (SIBET CAS), DONG Jianfei (SIBET CAS)DOU Linping (CSA), DU Zhiyou (Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment), DUAN Lian (Tsinghua University), FENG Gan (EpiWorld International Co.,Ltd.), GU Ying (PLAGH), KUO Hao-Chung (National Chiao Tung University), GUO Weiling (Beijing University of Technology), HAO Luoxi (Tongji University), HE Dongxian (China University of Agriculture), Hossein Nafari (Mind Optoelectronics), HUANG Kai (Xiamen University), JIANG Fengyi (Nanchang University), KANG Junyong (Xiamen University), LI Dabing (Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS), LI Gang (Changzhou Xingyu Car Light Co.), LI Guoqiang (South China University of Technology), Shi-Wei. Ricky LEE (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), LI Xiaohang (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology), LIANG Huinan (Xinguan Technology), LIAO Liangsheng (Soochow University), LIN Weiming (Fuzhou University), LIN Xinnan (Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School), LIN Yandan (Fudan University), LIU Bin (Nanjing University), Jay. Guoxu LIU (ShineOn), LIU Houcheng (South China Agricultural University), LIU Jianli (ZTE), LIU Ming (Institute of Microelectronics, CAS), LIU Sheng (Wuhan University), LIU Yang (Sun Yat-sen University), LIU Ying (Dalian Ocean University), LIU Yuhuai (Zhengzhou University), LIU Zhaojun (Southern University of Science and Technology), LONG Shibing (University of Science and Technology of China), G.Q. LU (Virginia Tech), LU Hai (Nanjing University), Ronnier LUO (Zhejiang University), LUO Xiaobing (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), MA Dongge (South China University of Technology), MA Songlin (TCL), MO Qingwei (Elec-Tech International), MOU Tongsheng (Zhejiang University), NIU Pingjuan (Tiangong University), PAN Jinming (Zhejiang University), QIU Yufeng (Xiamen University / State Grid), QIU Yun (BOE), QU Jia (WMU Zhejiang Eye Hospital), SHAO Jiaping (ZVISION)SHEN Bo (Peking University), SHENG Kuang (Zhejiang University), SUN Guosheng (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), SUN Qian (SINANOCAS), SUN Xiaowei (Southern University of Science and Technology), TAN Yizhou (PLAGH), TANG Jingting (13th Research Institute of CETC), TAO Guoqiao (Ampleon Netherlands B.V), TAO Xutang (Shandong University), TIAN Pengfei (Fudan University), WANG Hongxing (Xi'an Jiaotong University), WANG Junxi (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), WANG Laili (Xi’an Jiaotong University), WANG Maojun (Peking University), WANG Xinqiang (Peking University), WANG Yanqing ((Fudan University), WANG Zhiyue (CETC), WEI Minchen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), WU Jun (NAURA Technology Group), Wai Tung NG (University of Toronto), XIAO Guowei (APT Electronics), XIONG Daxi (SIBET CAS), XU Hong (LumiGrow, Inc.), XU Ke SIBET CAS), XU Xiangang (Shandong University), XU Zheng (Beijing Jiaotong University), XU Zhigang (Nanjing Agricultural University), XU Fujun (Peking University), YAN Chunhui (Shenzhen Institute of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors), YAN Qun (Fuzhou University), YANG Daoguo (Guilin University of Electronic Technology), YANG Hua (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), YANG Jianwen (Sun Yat-sen University), YANG Qichang (Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Aguriculture, CAAS), YE Jiandong (Nanjing University), YI Xiaoyan (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), YU Hongyu (Southern University of Science and Technology), YU Kunshan (CASA), YUN Feng (Xi'an Jiaotong University), ZHANG Bo (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), ZHANG Jianli (Nanchang University), ZHANG Jincheng (Xidian University), ZHANG Junming (Zhejiang University), ZHANG Naiqian (Dynax Semiconductor), Jon Zhang (Fudan University), ZHANG Yuqiu (Fudan University), ZHANG Yun (Institute of semiconductors, CAS), ZHAO Degang (Institute of semiconductors, CAS), ZHAO Jianping (China Academy of Building Research), ZHAO Lixia (Institute of Semiconductors, CAS), ZHONG Haizheng (Beijing Institute of Technology), ZHU Tao (Shannon)


1. Deadline for abstract submission: August 15th 2022;

2. Paper acceptance notification: August 31st, 2022;

3. Deadline for full paper submission: September 30th, 2022;

4. Full paper acceptance notification: October 15th, 2022;

5. Deadline for softcopy submission of presentations PPT and posters: November 10th, 2022.


1. Authors must submit extended abstracts in advance.

2. Authors will be informed of paper acceptance with categories of Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation and Conference Proceedings.

3. Authors prepare final submissions depending on the following status:

1) Oral Presentations: Authors need to prepare paper and presentation files (PPT/PDF)

2) Poster Presentations: Authors need to prepare paper and poster files (The Technical Program Committee will audit the posters and inform the authors. Authors need to prepare posters according to the template and bring the hardcopy posters to the designated Poster Display area for wall mounting).

3) Conference Proceedings: Authors should prepare the papers. Authors have to prepare final papers according to the guidelines and given template.


1) The template can be downloaded from the paper contribution platform of the forum: or Authors are required to prepare papers and other materials based on the provided template in time to pass the review successfully.

2) Full length manuscripts of accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore, and Indexed by EI.



1. Basic Requirements

1) The paper should not have been published in other technical publications or by other technical conferences.

2) Prominent theme, distinct content, accurate data, rigorous discussion, clear conclusion and adopted legal measurement unit.

2. Abstract Submission

Authors are required to submit extended abstracts according to the paper format template given on the conference website.

3. Paper Format

The paper should be written in APA Format according to the paper format template given on the conference website. The papers should adopt Word format. The total pages of the paper are limited to 4.

4. Language of Abstracts, Posters and Papers

1) Abstracts/posters/papers have to be in Standard English.

2) Both Chinese and English are acceptable for oral presentations, but only English can be used for the presentation files (PPT/PDF) and conference proceedings.

Note: No commercial promotions allowed for specific companies and products; otherwise, the papers will not be selected for oral presentations and conference proceedings.


For further questions about the paper submission, please contact us,


Telephone: 010-82387600-602