President and professor of Xiamen University

Zhang Rong is a member of Communist Party of China, doctor of science, professor and doctoral tutor. He studied at Department of physics of Nanjing University since September 1979, taught here in July 1986, promoted to professor in March 1995, elected as “Distinguished Professor of “Yangtze River Scholars Program” and “Winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund” by Ministry of Education in 2000, served as assistant to the president of Nanjing University in February 2002, deputy secretary of party committee and assistant to the president in June 2004, standing committee of the communist party and vice president in November 2006, standing committee of the communist party and managing vice president in April 2010 and served as president of Shandong University (vice ministerial level) in October 2013. Since 2017, he has been the president of Xiamen University.