WU Ling
Chair of China Solid State Lighting Alliance;
Chair of China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance

CSA Secretary-General (from 2004) and Director of Beijing LED Illumination Technology Promotion Center (from 2003), responsible for the coordination and liaison for the Semiconductor Lighting tandardization Panel Group, and managing to set up standardization coordination and facilitation workgroup together with technical committees and testing agencies. Ms. Wu Ling took seat in 2009 as the standing director of China Materials Research Society, China Illuminating Engineering Society and China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association, and the workgroup leader for Cross-Straits LED Lighting Cooperation Project. She was elected the first Chair of ISA in 2010 and elected the President of the State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting. In 2012, Wu Ling as a member of the LED Lighting Standards Leadership Panel helped promoting the founding of CSA standardization committee to support the alliance standardization of solid state lighting field and explore standardization system and mechanism innovation. In 2014, she is elected the first President of the Beijing Innovation Alliance.