International Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors China (IFWS)


Date: October 23-25th, 2018

Venue: Shenzhen, China


International Forum on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors ChinaIFWSis a global high level forum sponsored by the China Advanced Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance (CASA) aiming at promoting collaborative innovation of industries including wide band gap semiconductor materials, equipments, devices and related applications. This forum will focus on the roadmap, application needs, integrated innovation of wide bandgap semiconductor technology and other topics, divided into several sessions for in-depth discussions.



PART 1Plenary Sessions

S101/W101   Opening Ceremony of SSLCHINA 2018 & IFWS 2018

S102/W102   Closing Ceremony of SSLCHINA 2018 & IFWS 2018

PART 2: Technology Sub-forums

W201   Technologies for SiC Materials and Devices

W202   Technologies for GaN Materials and Devices

W203   RF Technology based on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

W204   Power Devices Packaging and Application

W205   Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology

S206/W206   Semiconductor Equipment Technologies

S207/W207   Technologies for Reliability and Thermal Management

S208/W208   Technologies for Micro-LED and Novel Display

PART 3: Industrial Summits

S301/W301   Automotive Lighting and Automotive Electronics

S302/W302   Industrial Trend and Investment

W303   Civil-military Integration Service

PART 4: Communication and Display

S401/W401   POSTER Session

S402/W402   SSLCHINA & IFWS Exhibition

W403   Prize Winner Show of CIASIC

PART 5: International Technical Training Sessions

W501   IFWS Training Session

PART 6Concurrent Events

S701/W701  “Jizhi Voice” Road Show Stage

S702/W702   VIP Zone

S703/W703   Welcome Banquet

15th China International Forum on Solid State Lighting

S201   Technologies for LED Chip, Packaging and Modules

S202   Driver and Intelligent Control Technology

S203   LED Lighting in Bio-Agriculture

S204   Light Quality and Lighting for Health

S205   Solid-State Ultraviolet Device Technology

S303   Smart City and Intelligent Lighting

S304   Lighting Design and Urban Landscape

S403   Lighting the World - Review on 15 years of SSLCHINA

S501   MOCVD Technical Training Session

S502   SSL Training Sessio

PART 7Working Conferences

W801  CASA Council Meeting

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